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Buy  Clomid UK

Buy Clomid UK

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Active ingredient:Clomiphene

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Clomid is a fertility drug, used to stimulate FSH and LH production and hereby the ovaries to produce eggs in ovarian disorders.

Clomid 100mg

Package PricePer Pills Order
100 mg : 180 pills £98.34 £0.55
100 mg : 120 pills £72.94 £0.61
100 mg : 90 pills £60.94 £0.68
100 mg : 60 pills £45.24 £0.75
100 mg : 30 pills £25.16 £0.84

Clomid 25mg

Package PricePer Pills Order
25 mg : 360 pills £108.03 £0.30
25 mg : 180 pills £59.56 £0.33
25 mg : 120 pills £44.32 £0.37
25 mg : 90 pills £36.70 £0.41
25 mg : 60 pills £27.24 £0.45
25 mg : 30 pills £17.08 £0.57

Clomid 50mg

Package PricePer Pills Order
50 mg : 360 pills £210.52 £0.58
50 mg : 180 pills £114.96 £0.64
50 mg : 120 pills £84.95 £0.71
50 mg : 90 pills £69.94 £0.78
50 mg : 60 pills £51.25 £0.85
50 mg : 30 pills £28.16 £0.94

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